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Acquiring & Retaining Customers –
It’s Time to Get Smart

Posted by Braman Group on October 23, 2017

Part III -Acquiring & Retaining Customers – It’s Time to Get Smart
This is Part III in a 3-part series on getting and keeping customers, you can read Part I here. Part II here.


Are you Getting Results When It Comes
to Acquiring & Retaining Customers?

Posted by Braman Group on October 17, 2017

Part II -Marketing to Your Best ROI: Prospects or Current Customers?
This is Part II in a 3-part series on getting and keeping customers, you can read Part I here.

Determining where you focus your marketing and ad dollars is no easy task. Attracting and retaining customers is paramount to running a successful and profitable busine…

Identifying Your Customer’s Value.

What’s Your Customer’s Value?

Posted by Braman Group on October 10, 2017

Acquiring and retaining customers, two of the most important factors to consider when running a business. The big question is, how much is too much when it comes to the dollars needed to acquire a customer? Which then begs the question: How much revenue will a new customer bring your business long term? Once these two questions are answered, a true strategy and marketing budget can be put in place to both attract and retain clients. While market trends are constantly changing, and strategies ne…

Retaining Members is Crucial for a Healthy Gym

Attracting and Retaining Gym Memberships. Are They Here to Stay?

Posted by Braman Group on November 30, 2016

You are a part of an amazing industry, one that is committed to the betterment of your customers’ health and wellness. There is no doubt that this business can be challenging. There are so many components that make it all work; the right staff, the right location, the proper equipment and classes. If you’ve managed to nail these factors, it’s time to make some money and the big question is… how do you go about attracting and retaining gym memberships, motivate members to continue using …

Generating and retaining customers in banking

Generating and Retaining Customers in a Competitive Banking Market

Posted by Braman Group on October 12, 2016

We are in one of the most competitive and challenging markets of our time. Innovation is key when it comes to targeting, obtaining and retaining customers regardless of the industry you happen to be in. This has never been more true for financial institutions. The big banks are battling it out for new customers with big dollars. According to a study released by Citibank, improving program participation w…

Attract New Clients Using Consumer Incentives

Research Says That Customers Want More Than Just Good Service. They Want Consumer Incentives.

Posted by Braman Group on September 9, 2016

Market research and basic psychology prove that consumer incentives work. Industry after industry has increasingly turned to incentive programs to help them achieve sales goals while motivating and rewarding customers and prospects. Research indicates that companies are using more non-cash incentives than ever to reward clients, prospects and partners simply because this is what consumers demand. Travel, merchandise and lifestyle gifts are all popular, but by far the most popular incentives are…

Incentive Travel for Timeshare Marketing

Limiting Incentive Options Hurts Timeshare Marketing

Posted by Braman Group on June 22, 2016

The timeshare industry was born in the 1960s and took off in the ‘70s, when RCI introduced timeshare exchanges. The founders of RCI, Christel and Jon De Haan, correctly envisioned that the idea of timeshare ownership would become more popular if owners could trade time in their property for time in a timeshare owned by someone else.

Timeshare exchange meant that buyers weren’t locked in to the bricks, mortar, and calendar they’d signed up for. Suddenly, a vacation meant possibiliti…

Ricardo Castellanos

Talking Incentives with Ricardo Castellanos from Bob’s Carpet Mart

Posted by Braman Group on June 6, 2016

Bob’s Carpet & Flooring, AKA Bob’s Carpet Mart, operates 15 stores in the greater Tampa Bay metro area. I put together my first incentive promotion with Bob’s 14 years ago, before Braman Group was even a gleam in my eye.

For the past 13 years, my main contact at Bob’s has been Executive Assistant Ricardo Castellanos, who serves as a liaison between store management in all 15 locations and corporate management.

In addition to presenting incentive-based promotional ideas…

Apartment for Rent

Why Landlords Prefer Non-Cash Incentives Over “Free Rent”

Posted by Braman Group on May 29, 2016

Offering one or two month’s free rent seems like such a practical way to fill your property, but is it worth it?

Some tenants actually troll the ads in search of places where they can get a free month’s rent and move on to another one when their lease is up. Not exactly the kind of tenants you’re looking for, most likely.

Many apartment seekers in search of a nice place to live will tell you that when they see an ad that says, “Free First Month’s Rent,” they assume tha…


How Smaller Banks and Credit Unions Can Compete with the Big Banks

Posted by Braman Group on May 16, 2016

If you’re a marketer for a small to midsize bank or credit union, you already know you face an uphill climb when competing with the big banks for new checking account customers and loan applications.

On the plus side, you probably offer lower fees and more personalized service. You’re also aided by the “Go Local” movement. Meanwhile, the big banks offer a sense of institutional security to those who are impressed by sheer size, national TV commercials, and seeing the bank’s nam…

Home Improvement Contractors

3 Ways Home Improvement Contractors Amplify Incentive Offers

Posted by Braman Group on May 4, 2016

Think beyond the home show

Smart home improvement contractors have learned that, at a home show, non-cash incentives can be a great way to generate leads and set appointments.

One of the most common — and successful — ways to use non-cash incentives at a home show is to offer people a gift card in exchange for the opportunity to give them an estimate on their home improvement project.

But making special offers only at the home show minimizes your opportunities…


5 Reasons Why Direct Response
Marketers Love Digital Incentives

Posted by Braman Group on April 25, 2016

Increasingly, direct response marketers that use non-cash incentives to sell, upsell, and retain customers are turning away from incentives that can be touched and held and are choosing digitally fulfilled incentives instead.

Here are five reasons why this transformation is taking place.

1. Customer Preference: Rise of the Millennials

These two stories illustrate the changes marketers face as millennials take their rightful places among homeowners and business decision ma…

Incentives Entice Furniture & Flooring Buyers

How Non-Cash Incentives Entice
Furniture and Flooring Shoppers

Posted by Braman Group on April 2, 2016

Shoppers have wised up. They know that when furniture and flooring brands offer price cuts through their retail networks, the same discounts should be available from any retailer. That doesn’t mean that retailers can no longer win with incentives, it just means they have to be smarter about it.

Consider that in a 2015 test among 1,000 online shoppers*, consumers overwhelmingly preferred Offer A: a free album with the purchase of a pair of headphones over Offer B: a $10 price reduction …


How Car Dealers Lift Their Brand
With Custom Promotions

Posted by Braman Group on March 24, 2016

Every business has a story to tell and challenges to telling that story.

New car and truck dealers can have a difficult time distinguishing themselves from other sellers of the same vehicle makes and models. To a certain degree, just being one of the local Chevrolet, Toyota, or Hyundai dealers will be enough to guarantee a stable amount of traffic.

Used vehicle dealers have stereotypes to overcome as well as competition fro…


Stand Out at the Home Show with
Creative Marketing Incentives

Posted by Braman Group on March 12, 2016

Home shows attract a broad spectrum of buyers, bargain hunters, and tire kickers. Depending on the size of your business, exhibiting at a home show can be a major undertaking. Regardless of size, every home show should be looked upon as an opportunity to meet new prospects, generate leads, and close business.

Unfortunately, many businesses put a lot of work into making sure they secure a good location and a visually attractive booth, but then stumble when it gets to the most important pa…