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Q: How do I select the right Braman Group incentive for my promotion?

A: If you are unsure of the right incentive to choose, contact us for a free consultation. Our goal is to build a working relationship with you, which means satisfying you and your customers. To learn more about your customer acquisition cost and how to determine your budget for incentives read our
blog post on that subject.


Q: How do I get a price quote on the Braman Group incentives?

A: We can offer you a free consultation and then get you full pricing on all the options for your campaign. Among vendors that deliver high value incentives and rewards that meet with customer approval, our prices are the lowest in the industry.

Q: How many gift cards do I need to buy at one time?

A: Each promotion is different. We try to work with our clients to help them succeed, not to create barriers.

Q: How do I incorporate the Braman Group incentives in my advertising and telemarketing scripts?

A: That is the "special sauce" in everything we offer. We offer creative assets so your marketing team can easily insert our incentives into your ad campaigns. We also provide guidance with regards to disclaimers and have best practice guidelines to help with your creative process. Our commitment is to satisfy you and your customers.

Q: How are you able to offer such high discounts on your incentives?

A: We have relationships with hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers and we pass our wholesale pricing to our clients. Our gift cards are redeemable at a select group of online stores that feature both bargain and brand name merchandise which is all bought at superior pricing. A variety of consumer behaviors (including shopping over gift card face value) enables us to price our programs with discounts off face value.

Q: Do you offer customized and branded incentives for special promotions?

A: Yes, we are happy to customize a promotion for you. Share your ideas with us. We can make it happen.

Q: What are the different options offered for e-gift cards?

A: We offer several options for e-gift cards. Once you’ve purchased the gift cards we can send you the gift card codes and everything you will need for your customers to redeem the e-gift cards online.

Q: What options are there for delivering gifts to my customers?

A: We offer several options:
1. We can send you digital codes for e-gift digital fulfillment.
2. Gifts can be sent to any location to be tracked and handed out to consumers at the point of sale.
3. We can set up customized portals (or APIs) for your representatives to login and request that gift delivery be shipped to your customers by our team.
4. We can receive files of consumer data from your team which will be processed, fulfilled, and shipped to your customers by our team.
5. We can track your inventory for you. We'll even let you know when you are running out of cards.

Q: Our sales team has never used these types of incentives before. Can you help?

A: Absolutely! We will work with and train your sales team to make sure they understand the best way to use Braman Group incentives. We also offer FAQ information for phone reps and sales people to refer to.

Q: What payment terms do you accept?

A: We accept checks, credit cards and wires. All orders must be paid in full in advance of shipping.

Q: What is the timeline for getting started?

A: Once we speak, and you have chosen the right promotion, we can ship your gifts immediately upon receipt of payment. If there is customization involved we can usually work within a 2-3 week timeline.

Q: Why should I use incentives?

A: The simple answer is because they work! Independent research validates the effectiveness of incentives for lead generation, customer acquisition and as consumer rewards. We encourage you to read some of the compelling facts and figures we’ve put together about incentive programs.

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