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Incentive & Reward Products that
Unlock Opportunities to Acquire, Retain
and Reward Customers

The best incentive and reward products combine all of these qualities:

Braman Group offers you all four of these benefits in four incentive and reward product categories.



Attract prospects and close deals with shopping discount cards that give your customers access to discounts on their favorite brands while costing you as little as 10% of the face value. We have plenty of turnkey options to choose from and can customize one for your next campaign.


Thank your loyal customers for their business with lifestyle gifts save them money on grocery, shopping, and dining out at popular restaurants. Lifestyle gifts are particularly effective with young families on a budget. The dollars you save them at the grocery store may be enough to make them buy from you today.

Lifestyle Incentive & Rewards


Stand out from the competition by offering a vacation travel package with purchase. The cost to you? Pennies on the dollar. Customer satisfaction? Always high. Traffic? Make sure you have plenty of sales people scheduled.


An incentive is only as good as it is desirable, and some people are skeptical of offers they can’t take with them. No problem. We can provide you with merchandise your customers can and will want to walk away with. Our merchandise comes in a variety of categories so you can match the gift to your customer.

  • Electronics
  • Household
  • Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
  • Sporting Goods
  • Office


Braman Group excels at creating custom promotions that attract interest and unlock sales opportunities you might have considered lost causes. Why do a promotion that looks and feels like something your competitor might do when you can brand your next promotion as unmistakably yours?