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Producing game changing results in many industries

Marketing and sales executives rely on incentives and rewards to help motivate consumers to act, and with two good reasons:

  • Incentives work
  • Customers expect them

Today’s educated consumer knows that many industries and marketing channels have become highly incentivized, and those companies will step up with a reward of some kind to earn their business.

In highly incentivized industries, Braman Group increases ROI by providing incentives and rewards at prices substantially below face value.

Many of our customers tried incentives from other vendors before switching to Braman Group for better results at a fraction of the cost. Here are just some of the industries where Braman Group incentives make a BIG difference.


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From advertising to the showroom floor to the BDC to F & I, incentives move metal. Empower your sales force to lift test drive and closing rates with dealership proven incentives from Braman Group.

Seminars & Home Shows

Someone once said that if you took all the chatchkes given away at trade shows and seminars over the last 10 years and placed them end to end, you could wrap the earth in never-used stuff. This raises the question, why not give people something they will be happy to receive?

Direct Response Marketing

Turn potential hang-ups into sales and your junk mail into conversion mail, with incentives that…

    • …your audience will be delighted to receive
    • …will cost you pennies for every dollar of value

Timeshare Sales

What percentage of your operating budget are you spending on consumer incentives? 30%? 40%? 50%? Look at this question another way. How much more would you make if you could lower your incentive costs by 10%? 20%? 30%? More?

Braman Group delivers incentives that cost you less while attracting the prospects you need.

Furniture and Flooring

Forward thinking furniture and flooring marketers understand that customer satisfaction and loyalty can’t be taken for granted. Braman Group incentives and rewards give you an affordable way to win customers and say “Thank you.”

Health Club

If membership recruitment is the heart of your health club business, renewals are the lifeblood. Marketing never ends. That’s why Braman Group offers affordable incentives for every stage or your membership life cycle.

Home Improvement

Home improvement sales is all about opening doors and closing deals. Braman Group has the sweeteners that will make it easier to do both. Plus, we will show you exactly how to use the low price, high value incentives you purchase from us.

Banks & Credit Unions

Once upon a time, a new depositor would open an account at your bank or credit union and you would give them a toaster. That was before competition led to raising the bar on new depositor gifts. Today, people open to changing financial institutions can expect to receive cash back offers of $100, $250 or more, depending on the type of account they open.

Braman Group offers a unique way for financial institutions to incentivize new accounts without – wait for it – breaking the bank.

Apartment Leasing

It should come as no surprise that, according to a recent study, the best times to offer rent incentives are just before the initial lease signing and just before lease termination. The two big questions are:

  • What do you offer?
  • How do you find an offer that pleases the tenant without costing too much?

Braman Group has the answers (and the incentives) to keep your tenants happy and your building full.

Energy Marketing

Between energy deregulation in some states and the boom in renewable energy everywhere, competition for residential energy customers is fierce. Start the conversation with a gift and see how ears perk up. Whether you offer a better way to be on the grid or off, Braman Group can show you how to get prospects to pay attention.


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