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Our Clients gave us Five stars

We are in the business of making our clients and their customers happy. We are grateful to all our clients, and especially those who have valued our contributions to their success enough to share their thoughts about working with Braman Group.

Here are a few of them;

Honda/VW/Used car store located in East Coast of Florida used the gift cards and did 100,000 pieces of mail, received a 3.5 percent and sold an average 35 to 40 per event....." we have been doing direct mail for years and have never seen a response rate like this. Our customers come in in droves and our salesman convert them to sales... we are sometimes over run at these events and have had to beef up our sales force to cover all the traffic... its ridiculous traffic. The gift cards are high perceived value, low cost and no customer complaints.

- PC Automall

In our ten plus years developing high-impact promotions for car dealers the $100 gift cards have been the most well received premiums by dealers and customers that we have offered. The quality of the presentation, the website and the product offerings are all first class. NICE JOB!

- Jerry Shroff, Automotive Event Company

We have been using the eOutlet Store gift cards as a customer appreciation gift for a couple of years and they have been a fantastic success. The customers appreciate receiving gift cards over many other gifts we have used in the past. We have received positive feedback from our customers, and had great customer service from the eOutlet Store representatives. We plan on continuing to use the gift cards in the future since they are such a great value to us and our customers.

- Ricardo Castellano, Bob’s Carpet Mart Stores

It's difficult to find a high value, low cost incentives to offer our clients that don't create complaints or issues. We finally found the perfect solution with the $100 and $250 bundle packs that we use in many of our sales campaigns. We use them as a gift with purchase in our direct sales and it's increased sales and conversions for the past few years. The best part is that the sales stick!

- Jere Monda, Viking Magazine

Our MD247 Sales team has been using the eOutlet Store gift cards as a gift for new customer acquisition for the past 18 months. We see incredible results using the $100 and $250 gift card packs. We also offer the gift cards in our collection department and it has had a tremendous positive impact in our customer retention efforts. We get very personal service from the staff at eOutlet Stores who are eager to help us create winning scripts, email campaigns, and assist with all of our marketing and customer service needs without any delay.

- Mike Kleczka, MD247

The $250 and $100 Gift Card Packages have been an ideal premium that we have been able to leverage for multiple purposes for our organization. Whether used to reward customer loyalty, or as an incentive to bring a new customer onboard, these premiums have proven themselves time and again. They are easy to present, easy to understand and easy to use. Customer response has been nothing short of positive. There are no tricks or hidden fees - the customer gets what they expect, and we get a happy customer in return.

- John Erskine, Product Manager, Ron Allen Enterprise